Nvidia Reflex hits 100 games, GeForce RTX 4070

GeForce RTX 4070 Super enhances 1440p gaming with superior performance and DLSS 3, supported by Nvidia Reflex for reduced latency. Nvidia Reflex revolutionizes gaming with latency reduction across 100+ games, enhancing responsiveness in various genres….

How is shopping for games paving the way for cybersecurity?

Gamers are reshaping retail and cybersecurity during sales events, focusing on strategic ways of shopping for games. The gaming community’s influence on retail trends is growing, especially in cryptocurrency use and digital security. Gamers’ dynamic…

Why has China greenlit 105 new online games?

China approves new games amid regulatory shifts. (Source – Shutterstock). China greenlights 105 new games, reflecting a strategic shift amid regulatory challenges. New gaming rules in China trigger market upheaval, followed by industry recalibration. China’s…